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New fabric cover journals... Coming soon!


I wanted to share with you a sneak peak of the new journals I'm working on. The covers are made with mixed fabrics, threads, laces, ribbons and buttons.

I have designed them to be a mixed pages journal meaning they will have some scrapbooking paper, old book pages, mailing envelops, old receipts and notes, vintage images and so. Usually, they are called "junk journals" but I can get around the "junk" word, so I'll probably called them "Creative Journals".

They will be scrappy in the inside with a lot of textures and colors for those who love creative journals but enjoy more the writing part of the journal. They will have enough space to add pictures or magazines images, if you are more visual, and pockets for memorabilia.

I can't wait to have them all ready and get one for myself. I have so many ideas, notes and ephemeras that I want to put on it.

I'm creating several journals at once, so, be a little patient, but stay tuned!. I'll probably make a video when they are listed on my Etsy store so you can better see the inside. Pictures don't make justice to these journals.

See you soon!